The Best Art Cities in America Based On The Size & Diversity of Their Art Scene

The Best Art Cities in America Based On The Size & Diversity of Their Art Scene


If you’re looking for a creative place to visit in America, you can’t go wrong with New York City. However, there are many other great art cities in the United States that offer diverse and unique experiences. So here are the best art cities in America based on the size and diversity of their art scene:

The Best Art Cities in America Based On The Size & Diversity of Their Art Scene

New York City, NY

New York City is home to more museums than any other city in the world, with over 200 museums and cultural institutions. And it’s not just big-name institutions like the MET, Guggenheim and MoMA that make New York City an art lover’s paradise; there are also countless smaller and specialized museums that host rotating shows by local artists (and many of them are free).

The city’s thriving art scene extends beyond its galleries: you can find street art everywhere from subway stations to parks–and even on buildings themselves! The artists who produce these works often sell their pieces directly out of their studios or at flea markets around town.

Miami, FL

Miami, FL

With a population of over 5 million people and growing, Miami is one of the largest cities in America. The city is also home to several major art events that draw thousands of artists from around the world each year. These include Art Basel Miami Beach (ABMB), which takes place every December; Art Basel Miami (AM), which takes place every March; and Art Wynwood (AW), another annual fine arts fair held during AWFMWBK–the Wynwood Art Walk Festival weekend–in May or June. In addition to these three major international fairs, there are many smaller ones throughout the year including:

  • Art Fair International Miami (AFIM) – January 24-27th 2019
  • Art Palm Beach – February 22nd – 25th 2019

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is the cultural capital of America. It’s home to over 40 art museums, including the Getty Center and LACMA. The Hammer Museum, Petersen Automotive Museum and Skirball Cultural Center are also worth checking out if you’re in town. The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County provides visitors with a glimpse into what life was like before humans took over–and it’s free! If you want to take your love for art one step further, consider visiting one of these lesser-known yet equally impressive institutions:

The Huntington Library – San Marino (San Marino)

Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles (MOCA) – Downtown LA

Seattle, WA

Seattle is a great place to visit if you like art and nature. The city’s art scene is diverse, with museums and galleries that exhibit everything from traditional paintings to modern sculpture. Seattle is also home to one of the largest populations of artists in the United States–and they’re not just creating work for display in galleries: Many of them live outdoors, painting murals on walls around town or carving sculptures from logs in parks.

Seattleites are known for their love of coffee; there are so many local shops that it’s hard to keep track! You can find good coffee just about anywhere in this city: at local cafes or chain stores like Starbucks (which started here).

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco is a great place to visit for art lovers.

The city has a lot of museums and galleries, including the de Young Museum, the Asian Art Museum and The Museum of Modern Art. If you want to see street art in San Francisco, there are plenty of murals throughout the city that will inspire you to go out and create your own piece of public art! In addition to these amazing cultural institutions there are also many art festivals held every year such as Art Basel Miami Beach & New York which takes place every December/January where artists from around world showcase their work at different locations throughout Miami Beach & Downtown Miami during this three week long event that attracts thousands upon thousands visitors each year (including myself). You can also visit one or more studios where artists work on their next masterpiece while chatting with them about what inspires them most when creating something new from scratch like painting landscapes outdoors using acrylics rather than oils because they’re easier cleanup afterwards without having any smudges showing up later down line once dried completely within 24 hrs max depending on climate conditions outside temperature changes etcetera.”

Chicago, IL

Chicago is home to some of the most diverse and important art institutions in America. The Art Institute of Chicago has more than 300,000 works in its collection, including pieces by Monet, Van Gogh and Renoir. The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago houses pieces from artists like Warhol and Lichtenstein while also hosting temporary exhibitions by up-and-coming artists.

The National Museum of Mexican Art offers visitors an immersive experience into Mexican culture with over 12,000 artifacts on display at any given time–it’s one of the largest collections outside Mexico City! Located just north of Millennium Park (which we’ll talk about later), this museum is worth checking out if you’re interested in learning more about another culture or just want something different than traditional museums with white walls and dim lighting at night…And finally… there’s The Renaissance Society at University Of Chicago which hosts exhibits ranging from photography shows featuring famous photographers such as Diane Arbus & Edward Weston all the way through performances by modern dance companies like Pilobolus Dance Theatre

Philadelphia, PA – PAFA Gallery at Woodmere Art Museum and The Rodin Museum of Art.

You may not be aware of this, but Philadelphia has a thriving art scene. The city has an impressive collection of museums and galleries that are worth visiting if you’re in the area.

The Barnes Foundation is well known for its collection of impressionist paintings by artists like Matisse and Picasso as well as sculptures by Rodin. If you love modern art (and who doesn’t?), then visiting this museum should be at the top of your list when planning your trip to Philadelphia!

The Rodin Museum also houses works by Auguste Rodin himself as well as other sculptors such as Camille Claudel and Constantin Brancusi whose work influenced him greatly throughout his career.

If you’re looking for a creative place to visit in America you can’t go wrong with New York City.

It’s no secret that New York City is one of the most exciting places in America to visit. Not only is it home to some of the most iconic museums and galleries in the country, but it also has an incredible diversity of art scenes and events that cater to all kinds of people.

New York City is home to some of America’s oldest art institutions, including The Metropolitan Museum Of Art (which houses over 2 million pieces), The Museum Of Modern Art (with its impressive collection), The Guggenheim Museum (a world-class institution) and many others. You can find everything from ancient Egyptian relics at The Brooklyn Museum or modern installations in Chelsea galleries at any given time during your trip there!


We hope this list has given you some ideas on where to go next. We know that there are many more cities out there with great art scenes, but we tried our best to pick a few that would be accessible for most people. If you have any suggestions for other cities or museums worth visiting, please let us know in the comments below!